The rationale of AIDA

Autoinflammatory Disease Alliance (AIDA)

Is a multicentric, international database that aims to collect data from centers all over the world on autoinflammatory diseases, including Familial Mediterranean fever. It is created and managed by the University of Siena – Department of Medical Sciences, Surgery, and Neuroscience. The Registry is a clinical physician-driven non-population- and electronic-based instrument implemented for the retrospective and prospective collection of real-life data about demographics, clinical, therapeutic, laboratory, instrumental and socioeconomic information In our center at Clinica A. Murri at the Policlinic di Bari, Familial Mediterranean fever Patients from  South Italy are diagnosed, treated, and followed up. Until now, we have contributed to the AIDA registry with 73 patients in the AIDA registry and this is an ongoing project to recruit more patients.

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Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), a genetic disease with autosomal recessive transmission, has an estimated prevalence of 1-5/10,000 in populations living in the Mediterranean basin.